Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Superhero Cape

I have a friend who did a Superhero theme for her son's birthday and wanted capes for each of the boys. I offered up my idea of doing felt ones because there is less sewing (no edges to worry about) and they hold up really well. My kiddos have a few toys made out of felt and they are on their 3rd round of being played with by a baby without much wear and tear.

She wanted the Superman colors so I suggested doing the emblem with just each boy's initial on the back and they all turned out so cute.

I bought my felt at Joann's by the yard, you can't beat it when it's 40% off.  I traced an old cape we already had as my pattern and made my own pattern for the emblem. To make the letters fit I traced the emblem onto paper and then wrote the letters on that and cut them out. After getting them cut out it was just a matter of sewing Velcro on the tabs and sewing the letters and emblem down on the back of the cape.

Cutting Cape

Emblems for back

Sewing emblems

Finished cape
Superhero cape finished in no time! This would make a great idea for a Halloween costume or a gift for Christmas for those Superhero fans. Make and Take Craft Weekend is offering a Kid's Gift Day and this is just one of the gifts you can make, it can be made for boys or girls.

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