Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Wear for the Girls...

I have managed to get 2 outfits finished for my 6 and 1 year old girls for this upcoming Holiday season. I love the look of over the top Christmas wear but seriously who wants to work so hard on something their kids can wear for a day or 2 at the most? I tried to pick out prints and colors that will work for before and after the holiday season, I think I succeeded!

First up is the dress I made for them, this is a modified version of Create Kids Couture Elena's. The pattern calls for 2 skirts but I just added both ruffles to the end of one skirt. Next time I will shorten one of the ruffles a little more since it hides the bottom ruffle too much. For the smaller size I will also use only 3 strips for the ruffles, I think using all 4 make the dress very heavy for such a small size kid. The blue fabric is a snowflake swirl, the black has red dots with little snowmen and snowflakes in the white and blue dots and the red is a small print white dot. I wish I would have switched the bottom ruffle to the red on top for my 6 year old like I did for my 1 year old. I think it just makes the dress pop a little more.

For my 6 year old.

For my 1 year old.
The next holiday outfit is the Create Kids Couture Amanda and I'm in love with this pattern. You can showcase off so many fabrics with the 3 different ruffles or make them all the same. It was a very easy pattern to follow, just lots of ruffling! I'm planning on making a bib onesie for my youngest daughter to go with the skirt and my oldest might be wearing a green sweater that my great grandmother knitted for me when I was a little kid. I'm hoping it will fit and I think the green with look great with the skirt and bring out the green in the leaves. I love the look of the poinsettia's on the 2nd and last ruffles and the red and black ruffles both have white dots on them.

Size 8

Size 12-18 month
I picked all of this fabric up from R & R, which is actually an Ace Hardware store about 20 minutes from us, they have a huge table of flat fold cottons at great prices. Some pieces have the name or designer on the side and some don't, so I don't always know what to tell people to look for when searching for the fabric. It's always like a treasure hunt there!


Paisley Roots said...

Love the colors on that skirt!! I totally hear you about making it colors that can translate past the holiday!

Paisley Roots said...

Love the colors on that skirt!! I totally hear you about making it colors that can translate past the holiday!

Shaffer Sisters said...

This is such a great winter wonderland look.
with love,

Emily Thompson said...

oh love the skirt.. the fabric is so festive!!! I also linked up to Project Run and Play... a bathrobe I made for my son!