Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Pickin

This past week I had the opportunity to go to a great little apple orchard not once but twice! Thierbach Orchards has the best apples and my kid's always have a blast. During Summer they also have pick your own berries and peaches. Yummy!

The first time I took my youngest 2 kids with our Parents As Teachers group and it was HOT! Poor T was sweating up a storm after playing in the bounce house and O was covered in apple juice after gnawing on a freshly picked apple.

Corn Box
She thought she was hot stuff trying to climb up the slide!
He's so funny.
Playing in the corn.
She really wanted to eat that corn!

 The second time was with my oldest, L, for our date this month. She was excited to get one on one time with Mommy and to go on the tractor ride.

Looks good
Hard to eat with missing teeth
Feeding the goats she named
She really looks like she's flying
We got caught in a downpour while trying to get through the maze

Having fun making memories with my kiddos and getting to have fresh picked apples on hand, maybe some applesauce should be in the works!

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