Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wine Glass Coaster Tutorial

Well here it is the first tutorial on the blog....

This comes from the craftiest person I know, my Mama! She whipped some of these up the other day and I thought they were so cute, so we got together and took some pictures of the process.

Wine Glass Coasters

Supplies needed:

Very thin batting
Sewing machine
Pinking shears

The 4 yellow pieces are my top and the blue is my bottom. The one already made uses 2 browns, 1 blue and 1 yellow piece.

Cut 5 5x5 inch squares  (4 for the top pieces and 1 for the bottom)
Cut 1 5x5 inch square of a plain cotton (I used some leftover white sheet)
Cute 1 5x5 inch square of a very thin batting (I used drapery lining I had gotten from my aunt but I think flannel would work also )

 Take your 4 top pieces and press them in half wrong sides together.

 Stack your squares with the plain cotton on bottom, batting in middle and bottom square on top with right side up.

 Start to lay out your top pieces on top of stack of squares. You want your raw edges to line up so your fold is in the middle.

 Place the second top piece like this, again with raw edges on edge and fold in toward middle.

 Lay your third piece down, making sure raw edges are to edge.

To add your 4th and final piece you have to lift up the corner of your 1st piece and put the 4th piece under the 1st. Make sure raw edges are to the edge and folded part is in toward middle.

Pin all pieces together, take the whole stack and sew all around the edge using a 1/2 inch seam.
Using a pinking shear, pink around all the edges ad cut the corners.

Turn the whole thing inside out so that your top is up and your bottom piece of material is on bottom, using a chopstick or knitting needle push all corners and sides out. Press and that's it. Make up a set using coordinating but different fabrics so guests can easily remember what wine glass is theirs.

There you have it! A quick and easy sew that can use up your scraps or make it even easier by using 5x5 quilting blocks all ready cut for you! We packaged it in a set of 4 with a plastic wine glass from The Dollar Store in the top one so people could see how they are used. I'm making a few sets for teachers and family members for Christmas.

Enjoy and thanks for checking us out here!


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