Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Sewing Class Week 3

This week our November Sewing Class made the Kitschy Kitchen Apron from One-Yard Wonders and I just love how the ladies apron's turned out. Kara made a pretty one with black fabric with cherries all over it and Lindsay made an adorable Christmas themed apron! These ladies are becoming more confident in their sewing skills and it shows! I love to watch them grow and expand their knowledge and I hope that this is a hobby that takes off for them. Sewing is a very rewarding skill to have because you can see your progress until you have a completed project and really the sky's the limit on what you can create!

Can't wait for next week's class, we will be making pj pants and sadly it will be our last class of the session. I will be adding some more sewing classes after the first of the year and thinking about adding a class that would continue these new found sewing skills!

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